About CBE Group

CBE is a dedicated global management consultancy firm that is committed to delivering high level services and creating sustainable value and smart solutions for organizations, people and society.

Our mission is to help organizations and people to achieve their goals and realize their ambitions. Our global structure ensures a deep understanding of the dynamics of companies and markets, as well as the opportunity to identify new paths for setting up and expanding business activities.

We partner with our clients through long term relationships in order to achieve continuous growth in solving their future problems and satisfying their needs. Our approach combines thorough industry expertise with a unique capacity of designing a customized combination of people, processes and organization.

This is possible because of the diversity that CBE is made of: every consultant has a different educational background, from psychology to economics, to engineering, to social sciences. Diversity is also tangible in the internationalization process that we are promoting for the group.

CBE’s approach is Connecting, Developing, Accelerating. We connect people and organizations in order to empower them, we develop processes and people in order to accelerate the realization of co-designed strategies.