Academica Business College

Academica Business College

Academica is the knowledge centre of the CBE-Group. It offers directors, managers , supervisors and professionals the opportunity to develop and improve on important aspects as: effective leadership, professionalization and development of the organization, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Like for all the activities of the CBE-Group, the activities of Academica are based on the three pillars:

  • Strategy and Implementation
  • People and Organization 
  • Finance and Sustainability

The offer

Academica offers courses, masterclasses and the so called Knowlegde Circle. Study trips can be part of particular courses. Many courses are held in open enrollment format as well as in company tailored. The Knowledge Circle is a convention for select leaders and managers that includes recurring  meetings to stay abreast with market trends resulting in improvement and better preparedness for the future.

In addition to the standard offer Academica offers the possibilty to organize your own study or strategy meetings in the Academica location on The Herengracht in Amsterdam. On you request Academica offers you highly qualified speakers or  a chairman for you own meetings. Since several years Academica organizes the very successful anual education conference ‘Making Shift Happen’ in Amsterdam. 

Academica Business College organizes accredited MBA and Masters in cooperation with NBA,, Global University Systems,, Learning Sciences, and international awarded scientists as professor Andy Hargreaves, Pak Tee NG, Eric Sheniger, Anthony Muhammad, Gary Stager, Robert-Jan Simons, Sylvia Martinez, Robert Marzano, Suzanne Schneider, Joe Folkman, Jamie Anderson and others.


The curatorium of Academica supervises the quality of its activities. It consists of the following members:

  • Professor dr. mr. Goos Minderman; Professor Public Governance en Public Law
  • Professor dr. Hans Bossert, University of Stellenbosch