major issue today is the way people and companies approach their problems.

CBE is noticing that many companies try to solve organizational and strategic problems internally because of the deep understanding they have of their own environment and the lower cost of execution.

The reason why the consulting business is still very successful, is because it owns more knowledge, previous consistent experience and the actual time to dedicate to projects. CBE is facilitating a process that sometimes could be achieved naturally or with no assistance but in long time periods. We accelerate the process, we make things easier for the management and the employees because we are able to communicate each step of the change and deliver a complete solution in a short time period.

CBE facilitates the acceleration process in companies mainly through two very powerful instruments:

GDSS – Group Decision Support System

The tool is suited to accelerate the analysis and design and decision process in all phases of the policy cycle. The GDSS is useful when:

  • Mapping problems, finding and designing common solutions;
  • Developing a common design, scenario building and testing;
  • Addressing complex or multi-sector issues;
  • Tackling sensitive and/or disputed questions.

The GDSS has been of great success and it has been used for example by:

  • European Commission –cultural policy on the ministry level;
  • Famous car producer –innovative strategy in the R&D department;
  • Tissue producer – strategy;
  • Dutch Ministry – employment policy.                                           

Transparency Lab

This tool is used to implement a personal and group evaluation of employees in the company through a series of questions that tackle critical information. It accelerates the HR cycle because it’s like an electronic depth interview addressed to the whole company in a few hours. After the first session, the plan for improvements is developed and an organization scenario is put in place accelerating change up to three times the average time required.

A good example of what the Transparency Lab is able to deliver together with CBE expertise, has been achieved in the education sector. In this sector we developed a multiple-choice test for professors in order to test their level of professionalism. It doesn’t just produce a score for each person but more importantly an objective score for the education institution in order to understand where the weaknesses are and how to allocate in an efficient way the knowledge among colleagues.

Acceleration is a key service delivered by CBE because we have collected through time knowledge and experience in very different fields and dealt with matters of great diversity. We have an advantage because we know how to deal with different types of problems in different organizations and different parts of the world.  We can implement changes in an efficient way accelerating the journey to success.