Coaching and Assessments


Our advisors have a long working experience in the field of the (semi-) public sector, such as education, housing, municipalities etc. We can deliver tailor-made coaching for individuals or teams aimed at the improvement of personal or team performance, and all kinds of leadership issues. Of course, coaching is widely available. Still, we think we stand out in the crowd in a positive way. Since our Academy formula is based on the thought of social entrepreneurship in the (semi) public sector and focuses on the transformations needed to improve the legitimacy of the public sector and its performance, our coaches are perfectly competent to connect both personal and team issues with this specific context. Our coaches understand the complexity of the transformations in the (semi) public sector and connect leadership issues like no other. Instruments used are for example the internationally acknowledged Birkman  method and the Zenger and Folkman method.


Strong leadership is required to redesign the public sector in such a way that creating public value is the standard for all social entrepreneurs. Organisations in this sector understand this and are taking steps to enter the war for talent to find and bind these executives who turn out to be the desired leaders. We know this search for talent is not an easy one. Therefore, the CBE Group offers assessments which will reliably determine which candidates fit your organisation and strategy. We use a  mix of certified instruments like assessments, personality surveys, interviews, role plays and capacity tests and other instruments to find the right staff specifically for your organisation. This certification guarantees a high level of professionalism and a reliable report.