The Supply Management System that uses internet technologies like B2B, has given very positive results increasing even more its level of spread. The possibility to obtain quick information from the web (concerning supply markets, technologies, products), to complete purchase transactions on-line (offers, tenders, auctions), deliver effective cost and time advantages that cannot be ignored by companies.

CBE holds the complete knowledge and the necessary experience to help its clients to adopt the most appropriate solutions in e-procurement and to deliver to the CPOs and Purchase Managers satisfying answer to the following issues:

  • What to do in order to quickly interact with the market and with the suppliers to communicate and get information, price offers and technical economic proposals?
  • What to do in order to increase the effectiveness and the speed of the transactions for tenders or similar contracts, obtaining the best price/product conditions?
  • How to develop and manage the collaborations with suppliers, insuring the necessary levels of speed and interaction without increasing managing and overhead costs?
  • What to do in order to integrate the logistics system with the processes of the suppliers (planning, common resources management, purchasing orders) obtaining the best results in terms of costs and performance?