Generation Management

Now more than ever, it is crucial that organizations implement positive people management. In today’s information economy, people’s knowledge, skills, and relationships are the organization’s biggest asset and main source of competitive advantage.

A relevant issue detected in many organizations nowadays, is the difference in values, principles and education between the “old” and the “young” generation. Since they both have to work in the same environment, sometimes sharing projects and group assignments, the issue of combining their thoughts and actions becomes more and more actual and significant.

Some questions that rise in organizations dealing with generation clashes are:

  • How to mitigate between the differences?
  • How to challenge both groups in understanding the strong sides of the other’s mindsets?
  • How can organizations exploit this difference? Which activities/responsibilities are better carried out by the “old” and which by the “young” generation?

CBE has experience and knowledge about how to manage people belonging to different generations in order to develop an efficient work environment where employees and management understand each other and create value together. Every person has an important role in an organization or community, therefore the environment has to be open and ready to receive inputs from people that have different backgrounds, nationalities, principles, and also belong to different generations.