Project Management

Project-based business is growing bigger and bigger every single day. This way of work adapts to the social and technical developments where companies have to deal with. Projects are temporary, have specific objectives and are result oriented. The goal is to create a specific product or service by a team of specialists. It is a way for organizations to be innovative in a secure way. When a project succeeds, it can be implemented in the organization. Project managers have to deal with several challenges, like:

  • How can I enlarge the chance that this project will succeed?
  • Which stakeholders should I engage in the project and in which way should they be engaged?
  • Which competences and knowledge are present in the project team and which specific competences and knowledge should be added in the project team?

CBE offers many different project management services at an international level:

  • Developing projects together with international companies if we have a common goal, complementary knowledge and shared resources;
  • Supervising and acting as an intermediate party between private companies, governmental institutions and organizations that are located in different countries and that want to deliver services to each other;
  • Complementing the PM activities with consultancy services on specific matters (legal, financial, educational etc.).

In any of these cases CBE is guiding towards a common goal, managing the efficient usage of the available resources and developing new collaboration concepts each time. Through project management activities CBE puts its knowledge directly into practice and acts directly in the real world. We believe in sharing, connecting and getting people with the same visions and objectives together, supporting them where they miss a specific competence.