Public Governance

The CBE-Group maintains a firm position when concerning good governance, and strives to stay at the forefront of promoting and supporting initiatives which ensure these processes will be maintained or started within the countries we operate via the local partner agencies.

The Academica institute of CBE has a clear ambition to ensure and spread the ideas and values of good governance as a part of its wide ranging agenda, as well as the formation of networks and alliances to tackle societal and industrial problems which are often, but not limited to, issues of bad or weak governance.

A clearer view of your business´ or organisation´s position in regard to governance is provided via the CBE tool called the Good Governance Audit, which is often linked with the ever important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Scan. The governance scan as utilised by our consultants is a fast working tool requiring minimal investment, resulting in a clear picture of what is needed in order to improve governance.