Purchase Engineering and Early Involvement

Early involvement (since the fist studies) of the purchasing function for business projects that require significant supplies, creates many advantages in terms of: correct forecasts, selection and choice of the suppliers, reduction of the time to market – and the achievement of the economic objectives of the project.

Specifically, in the development of new products, this approach has developed positive results. It also brings to the development of Procurement Engineering processes and to the creation of corresponding professional positions. In short, Procurement Engineering, manages the relationships with the supply markets in the developing and re-engineering phases of a product and takes responsibility for: research and introduction of the necessary suppliers and resources – reduce the costs of products – improve the product performances – prevent and solve supply and logistic problems.

CBE holds the complete knowledge and the necessary experience to help its clients to adopt the most appropriate Procurement Engineering systems and to deliver to the CPOs and Purchase Managers satisfying answer to the following issues:

  • How to ensure the validity and the correctness of the prices of components and performances that are taken in consideration to calculate the costs of new products?
  • How to ensure to the design team the availability of the technologies and of the suppliers that are most suitable to increase the competitiveness of the new products on the market?
  • How to resize the relation with suppliers to increase the speed of design and the preparation of the material and the components to reduce the time to market?
  • How to avoid problems related to the supply or to the logistics of materials and components in the launch and marketing phase of new products after the conclusion of the development phase?