CBE has a long history in research activities extended to different applications. In particular we distinguish our experience in:

  • Market Research
  • Policy Research

Market Research

With its focus on the development of new products, CBE implemented a intonating set of research activities with applications in various industries: Retail, Luxury Goods, Automotive, Wellness and Chemical Products.

A simultaneous approach including panels of customers and large scale computerized interviews and panels of expert with GDSS (Group Decision Support Systems) make our clients satisfied.

Market Research is used to innovate products, change marketing strategies and/or merge with competitors.

CBE was worked for:

  • Codi Wipes – Suominen for a consumer research in order to develop new products. (
  • Fiat Auto to support the P+D department in order to design product reach and new  client groups. (
  • Corus-Tata Steel to market strategies based on benchmarking. (
  • Koopplein to develop new top structure for the marketing department. (

Policy Research

Governmental organizations have contracted CBE in order to research how the designed policies worked in practice. The effects of policies were researched on citizens, students, schools and universities, retired people and others. Through the results of the research new policies were made or the existing policies were adjusted.

Some Impact Stories from the world:

  • CBE was involved in Mozambique in a research for the Ministry of Social Affairs in order to redesign the VAT system. (
  • In the Netherlands, a research has been conducted about the effects of cost cutting programs for Ministry of Agriculture. Furthermore, CBE researched the effects of Dutch school compensation programs in order to minimalism school leavers. (
  • An interesting research about the possibilities of decentralization and/or privatization of the educational sector was carried out in Italy.
  • In Germany, CBE performed a research in the automotive industry about the competence grade of workers and middle management.