Risk and Compliance

Organizations which are effective and efficient in managing risks will, in the long run, outperform those which are not. Different and more sophisticated risks are currently threatening almost all organizations in industries. Strategic, counterpart, liquidity, reputational risks are increasingly becoming the most important issues in CEO’s minds.

On the other hand, regulations are becoming tighter for many companies in almost all industries, making compliance risk another potential threat for business results.

CBE facilitates its clients’ shift from pure mitigation to a risk-return optimization approach. The focus is no longer on the relationship between risk and absolute return, but rather on the relative or risk-adjusted return.

Up to now, the main focus of many companies has been on creating infrastructure or what we refer to as the “hard side” of risk management. CBE believes that it is equally (and in most cases more) important that companies focus on the “soft side” of risk management.

We help our clients to shape risk and compliance management into decision making processes such as strategic planning, sales planning, rewarding mechanism and HR development programs.

 We work with chief risk officers and chief compliance officers by helping them answer the following questions:

  • What are the major risks in our company?
  • What is the level of appetite we have?
  • How can we measure reputational risk?
  • How can we measure strategic risk?
  • How can risk be embedded in sales decisions?
  • How can we transform the rewarding system to a risk-adjusted base?