Spending Analysis

Adopting Spending Analysis solutions, a company chooses a quick and effective  organizational approach that proposes, as main objective, the organization and rationalization of the entire purchase expenditure of the business.

These solutions are related to every product and performance that is purchased, to every supplier base used, to the evaluations of forecasts accuracy, to the performances of the suppliers and to all existing agreements.

Usually companies use advanced IT solutions, like SaaS (software as a service). These systems are able to evaluate historical data that refers to available expenditure, that explain the trends, that indentify the saving possibilities and their economic weight. Furthermore, if requested, they are able to offer information on the trends of related markets and business intelligence services for the support of strategic sourcing decisions.

CBE holds the complete knowledge and the necessary experience to help its clients to adopt the most appropriate solution of Spending Analysis and to deliver to the CPOs and Purchase Managers satisfying answer to the following issues:

  • How to identify saving opportunities that have higher potential and that are hidden in the great variety of business data available?
  • How to rapidly and systematically control the purchasing results in the whole range of products and services purchased by the company?
  • How to simplify the purchasing processes, reducing costs and the time to market?
  • How to cancel the purchases that are not controlled (Maverick buying) and ensure compliance in the purchase process?
  • How to control with the proper frequency and speed the performances of the suppliers and evaluate their alignment to the business needs?
  • How to manage the public construction contracts with a systematic control on the performances of the suppliers?