Elevating Leadership Strengths


Leadership4You is all about your personal leadership development. With our Zenger | Folkman leadership development method, we use hard science to determine what separates good managers from extraordinary leaders. We rely on our unique 360-degree feedback assessment process that evaluates how leaders perform in 16 differentiating competency areas. Scores are then bench marked against thousands of leaders across hundreds of industries, giving leaders a clear picture of where they stand in relation to their colleagues and other professionals across the world. Armed with this empirical data, leaders are equipped to create a personal development plan focused on those things that will have the most impact on their performance and the organization’s success.

Three fundamental elements will point out the vital truth about Extraordinary Leadership and will help leaders to develop from good to excellent leadership :

  • Competence
  • Passion
  • Organizational needs.

Zenger | Folkman created an award winning leadership development approach. The method has received an amount of positive recognition and honor and is being used by the Top 500 Forbes companies to train their leaders to become extraordinary leaders. The Harvard Business Journal named the Extraordinary leadership development program as one of the best leadership methods to develop leaders who make a difference. The Extraordinary Leader’ program by Zenger | Folkman is based on extensive scientific research and helps good leaders to become extraordinary leaders; not by working on their weaknesses, but by developing their strengths.