Discrete Manufacturing


Approximately all discrete manufacturing industries are going through the most challenging period in its history. Market shares and profitability of manufacturers of cars, consumer electronics products, home appliances, and white and brown goods, are continuously under pressure. Excess capacity and environmental regulations add additional challenges to OEMs. On the other side, suppliers and dealers are struggling for survival, and consumers are expecting an ever increasing variety of products at affordable prices, including superior quality of after sales services.

Executives of companies which belong to these industries need to ask some crucial questions in order to survive:

  • How can we adapt to the emerging markets that are different in terms of consumer demographics, local competitors, supplier base and distribution channel structures?
  • How can we re-increase supply chain efficiency becoming more green?
  • How can we become the preferred brand in our market with a customer centric after sales service strategy?
  • How can we speed up product and service innovation in an efficient way?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

Our practice in discrete manufacturing industries has accumulated large on-the-ground experience, in order to:

  • Design and implement entry strategy in emerging markets;
  • Increase supply chain efficiency using green approaches and techniques;
  • Design and implement world class after sales service strategy and processes;
  • Accelerate product and service innovation.

CBE partners with discrete manufacturing companies, addressing their most important strategic, operational, and organizational challenges. Our focus on delivering lasting competitive advantages has helped our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace.