Turbulences are becoming more and more frequent in the energy industry due to several and diverse factors. Amongst other things, there are a number of challenges that executives in the energy industry will have to face: increasing sensitivity of public opinion on renewable sources, increasing risk due to globalization of financial markets, entrance in the consumption market of some consumers giants represented by emerging countries which consumption levels will have a huge influence on long term price movements. In order to deal with these challenges, executives in the energy industry will have to be able to answer key questions such as:

  • What is the sustainability level of our operations?
  • How can we identify and mitigate operational risk across our plants and distribution facilities?
  • How can we increase customer satisfaction using the new renewable technologies?
  • How can we implement Green Management practices throughout our processes?
  • What are the innovative strategic lines that we should implement relevant to renewables? Which action plan has priority?
  • How to successfully shift to the new technologies, transforming the roles of employees and the function of traditional plants and equipments?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

CBE contributes in this process and works in this industry in order to:

  • Find alternative solutions and strategies to the upcoming corporate and social challenges;
  • Identify and measure operational risk across plants and distribution facilities;
  • Define strategic and operational plans to enter in the renewable market;
  • Define and implement green management practices;
  • Engage in problem solving and to reorganize companies that have to change their activities or processes because of the new environmental challenges, laws and restrictions.

CBE partners with energy companies in order to address their most actual and sensitive problems, working towards a successful restructuring of their activities and internal policies in order to stay in line with the changes that are challenging this industry.