Government bodies and public authorities are important players in civil society and the economic field. In a changing society these authorities are confronted with new challenges regarding the role government agencies play in the dynamic field consisting of NGO’s, private parties and empowered civilians. The main issue is how government and public authorities manifest themselves or succeed in creating meaningful and powerful alliances in the public field.

These challenges raise a variety of questions on public authorities, such as:

  • How do we respond to changing balances of power and influence?
  • What is our ‘raison d’étre’, our vision and our mission?
  • What kind of development is needed in our organisation in terms of human potential, capacities and diversity?
  • What organisational model fits best and how do we get there?
  • Which forms of partnership create most civil benefit?
  • What kind of leadership is needed, or needs to be developed?
  • How can we improve our performance and reduce costs?
  • How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

Our approach is based on scientific, evidence based methods for organisational analysis, improving organisational performance and leadership development. We are strong in facilitating connections between public, private and civil institutions and making partnership work, because of our wide spread and significant experience in each of these fields within CBE-Group. We exchange insights from all parts of the world and different institutional, political and social environments, in order to improve our understanding of organisational change, leadership development and creating business excellence. We know how to create and provoke innovation for addressing complex public issues.

We are strong in connecting professionals and partners, developing human potential and organisational performance and accelerating change.

CBE in this field of government and public authorities focuses on the following domains:

  • Effective partnership in the public field;
  • Internal governance: accountable and secure;
  • External governance: public legitimization;
  • Leadership: individual and managerial empowerment;
  • Organisational excellence;
  • Human potential development;
  • Coaching of innovation, development and transition processes;
  • Change management;
  • Interim management.

CBE’s Solutions

  • Vision shaping through Group Decision & Dialogue Sessions;
  • Researching biographical identity as a basis for mission statements;
  • Professionalizing through master-classes, academies and boardrooms;
  • Context analysis by means of control audit, organisational diagnosis and culture scans;
  • Coaching of processes through workshops, training programmes & development courses for management and teams;
  • Human Performance Management by means of individual coaching, assessment and talent scouting;
  • Competing organisations through a ‘redesign’ of company processes;
  • Research via evidence based research approach on social problems.