healthy and well educated population is the road to economic self-supporting sustainable successful societies. The demand for health care is leading in challenging health care organizations to bridge the gap between needs and financial resources to achieve the desired quality and creating socio-economic value to society (economic added value) Optimization of processes (process innovation/ lean six sigma) will result in lower costs and improvement of quality thus contributing to the value of the health care system. Modern communication technology improves individual responsibility and self regulation also in health care( smart applications of e-health)

The CBE approach will cover the discussion about the redefinition of roles, responsibilities and relationships in this sector.

  • Who is essentially more responsible for the health condition of each citizen? Is it the healthcare system or every individual personally? (Health care insurance structures)
  • What role should the government play in providing its country with healthcare? What role should the marketplace play?
  • What is the reach of healthcare today?(Strategy development, strategic positioning, business optimization)
  • Private or public? Concentration and differentiation in relation to quality and costs.(Safety and risk management)
  • Redefinition of results, transparency?(Quality management)
  • What is new leadership in healthcare? ( Leadership programs/ sustainable leaders)
  • What is the hospital of the future? (Basic, medium and high care systems)

CBE works with healthcare organizations to address their most important strategic, operational, and organizational challenges and address the recent changes and reforms that have been introduced in many countries. The uniqueness of the CBE approach is identified by the importance it gives to the moral background of the healthcare industry, allowing the deepest issues to get to the surface and be confronted. CBE will use knowledge based on global coverage from diverse systems and can be supported by Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands.