Transportation infrastructure, which includes roads, railways, waterways, airports, and seaports, is essential to any country. A country needs effective transport facilities to sustain development of the national economy. Transport provides accessibility to goods, services, jobs, educational opportunities, friends and relatives. Everyone needs these facilities in their daily life.

A good transport network facilitates active and efficient movement of people, goods, and services, which stimulates economic activity and brings improvements to income levels and living standards. It has been established that transport is vital to development. Unfortunately, inadequate transportation infrastructure in developing countries could not only impede economic development, but also hamper improvement of living standards and decelerate poverty reduction. Therefore, improvement of transportation infrastructure is a critical requirement that has crucial implications for national development.

However, investment in transportation infrastructure requires a huge amount of funds which would present a heavy burden on the state’s budget. Beside the money aspect, land clearance and the settlement of deprived people affected by the transportation infrastructure projects will be other issues which need to be tackled by policy makers. In order to deal with these challenges, executives in the transportation infrastructure need to be able to answer key questions such as:

  • How to call the ODA fund for transportation infrastructure projects?
  • How to mobilize the private sector financing for transportation infrastructure projects?
  • How can we compromise the public interests and the deprived people in the projects affected areas?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

CBE contributes in this process and works in this industry in order to:

  • Share the experiences in the calling ODA fund from the donors as WB; ADB; JICA…;
  • Identify and design the appropriate mechanism for each project as PPP; BOT; BT and BOO;
  • Study and propose the packaged settlement plan including the site clearance, training and creating jobs for deprived people in the project affected areas;

CBE uses its experience and innovation to cooperate with other partners in the transportation infrastructure industry to address and resolve the challenges in the industry.