Management Information

Educational organisations have only just started providing information on accountability and do not yet fully dispose of directive information. This concerns both external (government), internal (teacher-management, management-board), as well as horizontal (surroundings) accountability. Because of the large amount of autonomy in the Dutch educational system, high demands have to be made to both management and educational results, as well as planning and control.

CBE is the founding father of the concept of “Vensters voor Verantwoording” (Windows of Accountability) and is concerned in its implementation. In both primary and secondary education, CBE is involved in research into the necessary (level of) directive information. In secondary education, one of our expert consultants has developed a management tool with which school boards and management dispose of performance data. We have helped many clients with setting up their cycles of planning and control on a rich educational data basis. This does not only involve the mere system, but also the behaviour and management style of an (educational) organisation.