The greatest challenge for NGOs is its financing. The crisis stopped most of the funding initiatives for NGOs all over the world. And with no funding NGOs cannot be active and promote their activities in a systematic way.  The projects that NGOs promote are also getting more and more exposure in the everyday life of developed countries, giving more visibility to the NGOs’ activities.

Leaders of NGOs face extraordinary challenges which are very distinct from those faced by leaders in government and the private sector. They often function in isolated and unsupported circumstances, and are faced with a set of complex and interrelated challenges relating to NGOs’ social change mission, increased pressure for accountability and transparency, the need for unquestioned integrity and maximizing limited resources, and the ability to network and position their organizations in an uncertain external and political environment.

In order to strategically manage these challenges NGOs need to think about the following matters:

  • What is our role in society and in the local communities?
  • How can we organize our activities and not continuously be withheld as a result of funding problems?
  • How can we find strategic partners that we can rely on?
  • How can we manage the organization better and deal with transparency, accountability and similar matters?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

CBE can help in this process and promote restructuring and relocation of natural and human resources for NGOs. CBE works in close connection to this world in order to contribute to important projects that relate to community, environmental and development issues.