Process Manufacturing


The pace of change that process manufacturing companies need to face is continuously increasing. Chemical, oil, gas, pulp & paper, steel and metal processing companies are rethinking, reorganizing and reengineering their businesses so they can outperform their competitors and become more profitable.

Increased volatility of commodity prices, environmental regulations, and globalization of sourcing are only a few of the threats that can be transformed in opportunities by the incumbents of these industries.

The rise of electronic commerce — especially establishing e-marketplaces for both procurement and sales — has had a further impact on the pace of change in the process industries, as new alternatives like new supply chain enablers are emerging.

Executives of these industries have to answer several questions like the following:

  • How can we optimize procurement using strategic sourcing?
  • How can we increase asset utilization?
  • How can we manage strategic risks due to our global footprint?
  • How can we manage our portfolio of products?
  • How can we improve supply chain efficiency becoming more green?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

CBE partners with process manufacturing companies focusing on some specific challenges in order to:

  • Optimize procurement through strategic sourcing;
  • Increase asset utilization;
  • Manage strategic risks;
  • Manage complex portfolio of products;
  • Increase supply chain efficiency using green approaches and techniques.