Retail Stores


The drop of consumer confidence, changes of consumer buying patterns, restriction of credits and collapse of spending, are some of the main effects of the global financial crisis affecting retail store companies and, as a consequence, causing significant losses of revenue and margins. Globalisation will force retail store companies to dramatically improve their supply chain efficiency and reduce their supply chain risk. In addition, they will also have to find new ways to generate an experience that will increase loyalty. Whether motivated by social trends, buying patterns or competition, the dialogue in various boardrooms has to be aimed at answering the following questions:

  • How can we reduce supply chain risk?
  • How can we improve the sales capacity of our staff?
  • How can we improve customer loyalty?
  • How can we design new formats consistent with new social trends?
  • How can we measure the total customer experience?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

CBE partners with retail store companies to address their most important strategic, operational, and organizational challenges. Our focus on delivering lasting competitive advantage has helped our clients to succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Our practice can help retail store companies in order to:

  • Reduce supply chain risk;
  • Increase sales capacity of the store staff;
  • Improve customer loyalty;
  • Design new formats consistent with new social trends;
  • Measure the total customer experience.