The current trend of recovery of the world trade from the crisis of 2008 / 09, has shown clear signs that Transport Industry, in addition to its typical issues, faces a market permanently instable; requiring high rates of flexibility, better planning, and a faster management to respond properly to customer requirements.

To deal with this situation, Executives of Transport firms should strive to answer to some key questions, such as:

  • How to improve transport management, increase flexibility, speed of response to market changes and customer requirements, and reduce operational costs?
  • How to get a satisfactory level of saturation of available transport capacity in the routes connecting regions with unbalanced transport demand?
  • What to do to counteract fluctuations in oil and fuel prices?
  • What to do to reduce fuel consumption and emission of CO2, to save energy and respect international standards for the protection of the environment?

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

Our practice within the Transportation industry, accumulated by large experiences in the field, enables us to:

  • Analyze transport operations, management processes, final customers and their requirements; for identifying critical points, organizational weaknesses, areas of risks and potential for improvement;
  • Propose and implement projects for improvement, based primarily on customer needs. With the aim to build transport organizations streamlined and flexible, we are able to provide high levels of reliability and efficiency;
  • Design and evaluate transport solutions using more energy-efficient solutions, which are able to reduce energy consumption, total emission in to atmosphere and costs, without affecting the level of customer service;
  • Design and manage a transport network integrated with customer Logistics, based on “collaborative relationships”, able to meet customer specification and reach high level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

CBE partners with the Logistics Industry to address its most important strategic, operational, and organizational challenges. Our focus on delivering a lasting competitive advantage has helped our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace.