Utilities have experienced tremendous change over the past years, due to new industry behavior and liberalization. Customers are free to select their preferred provider, creating tremendous pressure on margin of incumbents.

New entrants will have to address the following questions:

  • Which is the most effective service model in order to quickly attract new customers?
  • What are the latent needs of retail customers?
  • What are the service components which have the highest impact on customer experience?
  • How can service quality justify a higher price?
  • How should I design our service chain to fulfill latent needs and improve customer experience?
  • What is the achievable potential in cost to serve improvement, eliminating unnecessary waste in our service operations? 

How CBE transforms Challenges into Results

Our energy and utility practice has accumulated large on-the-ground experience, which allows us to apply lean service management principles in order to:

  • Define an innovative and highly qualitative service model;
  • Identify customer latent needs;
  • Identify service components with the highest impact on customer experience;
  • Measure the effect of service quality on retail price;
  • Design and implement service chain capable to fulfill latent customer needs;
  • Reduce cost to serve dramatically through waste elimination in service operations.