Better City, Better Life

The society of the 21st century strives to build new urban infrastructures in a sustainable way, in order to create a better environment for us to live in. Alongside this general theme, other subthemes are challenging the development of our society, like:

  • Blending of diverse cultures in the city;
  • Economic prosperity in the city;
  • Innovation of science and technology in the city;
  • Remodeling of communities in the city;
  • Rural-urban interaction,…

These themes represent a central concern of the international community for future policy-making, urban strategies and sustainable development. In 1800, 2% of the global population lived in cities. In 1950, the figure raised to 29% and by 2010, the urban population will account for 55% of the total human population.

There are many concerns about the future of human life in urbanized areas and therefore there are many studies and the projects being developed all over the world to increase awareness and consciousness about the way we live, the amount of energy and waste and resources we use in cities.

The Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is an example: the project is for a totally sustainable city in the middle of the desert. If a city can be sustainable in these extreme conditions we can imagine how much more we can achieve where a natural resource like water is available. The city will become a showcase for sustainable solutions from all kinds of international companies, at the same time marketed and founded.

CBE thinks that this theme is important at a global level as much as at a local level. We need to innovate the ways we live and the ways we exploit our territory.

CBE helps private companies, social organizations and municipalities to deal with these challenges in order to connect them to the city to which they belong. We help to improve the degradation of certain areas and reconnect them to housing, education and healthcare. CBE provides innovative solutions to live a better life in a better city.