Zenger | Folkman

Zenger | Folkman

“The Authority in Strengths-based Leadership Development”   Zenger | Folkman

Zenger | Folkman is the world’s premier provider of leadership research, assessment, development, and implementation programs. The firm is best known for its unique evidence-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on organizations. It’s a well-developed and highly proven system that works.

What makes Zenger | Folkman leadership development programs unique and powerful?

The Extraordinary Leader, is the core program of Zenger | Folkman, a powerful leadership development system using strength-based leadership development that’s built around a 360 multi rater tool and producing a highly personalized development plan. .

Zenger | Folkman, has spent years researching and creating a best-in-class 360-degree assessment that measures an individual’s strengths and potential fatal flaws, and correlates those results to significant business outcomes like employee engagement, retention and bottom-line profitability. The leadership development and training programs offered by Zenger | Folkman focus on building strengths and not on fixing weaknesses. : leaders who build their strengths, rather than fix weaknesses, are more likely to become extraordinary leaders. The leadership development programs Zenger | Folkman are based on :

  • empirical data and are evidence based
  • benchmarked against thousands of leaders across hundreds of industries
  • normative comparisons : benchmarking leaders against the 90th percentile norm
  • a non-linear approach to develop strengths
  • unique 360-degree feedback assessment process
  • a personal development plan focused on those things that will have the most impact on the performance of leaders and organization’s success.